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It’s Time to Defeat Your Chronic Pain

You’ve been in pain for months, years, or even decades. You’ve seen numerous doctors and specialists, have tried medications, diets, physical therapy, alternative practitioners, even surgery. Yet, your pain persists, has increased, or has even spread to other areas of your body. You feel like you’re falling apart, you’re depressed by how much of your life you’ve lost, you are scared of continued loss of function, of not being fully there for your friends and family, of letting people down and/or being dependent on them, of not having an acceptable quality of life. Or, if pain hasn’t completely taken over your life, it still keeps you from ever fully relaxing. You live in fear of it coming back at any time, and you don’t have any reliable resources to deal with it when it does.

Maybe you’ve read a few articles, seen a post, or had a friend recommend a book about a radical shift in how chronic pain is being diagnosed and treated. Or, you have a colleague who recovered from back pain, migraine, or IBS without physical interventions; by focusing on their thought patterns and becoming aware of their emotional triggers. Or, your doctor or neurologist mentioned recent research that chronic pain is now understood to be connected to brain patterns, stress, trauma, and threatening emotional states. You wonder: Could any of this apply to MY pain? Could these discoveries help me get my life back?

At Cure Your Chronic Pain, my mission is to help every client rewire the control center of their body – their brain – for complete pain recovery. My clients accomplish their pain reduction and elimination through a groundbreaking, scientifically proven, completely noninvasive brain training program called Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT).

You can vastly improve to eliminate your pain through Pain Reprocessing Therapy with me – whether you’ve been in pain for two years or twenty, and no matter what kind of pain you have, no matter how many places you have it. To work with me you do not have to change anything about your current medical plan/treatment, start or stop any medications, do any specific exercises or treatments. The methods underlying Pain Reprocessing Therapy are 100% backed by solid scientific research, with more scientific papers on this subject being released nearly every month. I’ll connect you with as few or as many educational resources – peer reviewed papers, articles, books, videos, podcasts, etc – as you’d like to help you understand the power of this program and the science supporting it. Get in touch today to learn more!

My mission is to help every client rewire the control center of their body – their brain – for complete pain recovery.


The Mind Body Pain Program

Contemporary neuroscience breakthroughs have proven the real culprit in chronic pain is not tissue damage/degeneration, but hyperactive brain and central nervous system functioning. Far from being an issue with individual body parts, chronic pain is a centralized disorder – meaning your pain is coming from the conductor of your entire body, your brain (learn more about pain and the brain). This is why therapies focused only on the body – like surgery, physical therapy, and medications – have not worked to stem the epidemic of chronic pain, or to give people their lives back.

Pain Reprocessing Therapy is the only intervention PROVEN to cure chronic pain*. Pain Reprocessing Therapy works because – unlike injections, physical therapies, and surgeries – it is designed to correct the faulty brain patterns that actually cause pain to become chronic. I am honored to have been in the very first group of practitioners certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy. I was taught by the pioneers who created PRT, and whose groundbreaking research has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Learn more about the science behind PRT.

Having been in the earliest possible training for PRT, I have been working with and thinking about these concepts for longer than most other practitioners. I have been directly, practically implementing PRT to help my clients get out of pain for years, and I pass the benefits of that deep knowledge, experience, and learning on to every chronic pain patient who works with me. My Integrative Health Coach training – with its emphasis on client-centered coaching and behavior change theories – heavily informs how I administer PRT; I personally tailor my program to match the specific goals, learning style, and life circumstances of each individual client.

My MindBody Pain Program is centered around Pain Reprocessing Therapy, the components of which are education, brain training, identifying emotional triggers, slowly re acclimating to avoided activities, and shifting your nervous system out of fight or flight to safety and repair. I work with pain patients to figure out when, how, and why their individual brains made the decision to turn on pain, and what factors are responsible for it becoming chronic. Then we design and implement a personalized plan to “re-wire” their brains and get them out of pain.

My MindBody Pain Program consists of five 60-minute sessions, scheduled roughly one week apart, text/email/phone support in between, and various support materials (more details under “What Is Included” below). 

There is a one time fee of $780, payable before the start of coaching, for this program (information on payment plans upon request). After completing my Program you will be well down the road to healing, and – most importantly – equipped with the tools you need to continue your journey. 

It’s important for you to realize you can get better without endless forms of therapy! This Program is only 5 sessions, and that is all most people need to significantly decrease their pain, and feel confident in continuing their personal journey. Additional sessions may be scheduled for continuing support, but these are not necessary or a requirement.

Mind Body Pain Program for Kids, Pre-Teens, and Teenagers

Children and Teenagers: live very stressful lives; often feel a lack of control; aren’t practiced at communicating about emotions; often experience tension around communicating vulnerability to parents/authority figures; and, their emotional and intellectual brains are not fully developed. As a result, it is very common for children and teens to suffer from unexplained chronic pain or other unpleasant chronic symptoms, causing immense stress and sadness to everyone in the family! When kids are in unexplained, potentially stress/emotion-related pain, Pain Reprocessing Therapy (Mind Body Pain Program) is a lifesaver to both parents and their children.

Mind Body Pain Program includes:

Don’t let chronic pain control your life.

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ONLY 5 sessions

The program consists of five 60-minute sessions, spaced roughly one week apart. These sessions can be conducted in person (Boston area), or over Zoom. Additional sessions can be booked as necessary, and are often helpful as check-ins. But, this program is designed to get you OUT OF PAIN – not stuck in an endless loop of therapy. My clients have stunning results through this 5-session program.

Before your first session

Prior to the first session, you will fill out a confidential Pain History Questionnaire and symptom checklist, which we will review together in depth. Each session is designed to uncover how your individual MindBody Pain process started and has been perpetuated, introduce the principles of Pain Reprocessing Therapy in a way that’s personal and approachable to you, and put it all together to get YOU out of pain. Each time we meet, we’ll use the information revealed by your personal pain story, combined with neuroscience backed strategies, to create a roadmap for moving your brain and nervous system out of pain.

Complimentary APP access

As a client in my program, I will give you 6 weeks of free access to an app called Curable – designed by neuroscientists – for you to use in conjunction with the work we do.

Homework to help you see change between the sessions

In between sessions, you will be given homework options – through Curable and/or independently – in the form of reading/education, mental exercises, writing, visualization, movement, and more. Most people are very fascinated by the neuroscience underlying their physical sensations and excited to learn about it. I recommend at least half an hour a day of focused work, and also keeping these concepts in mind as you go about your day.

No extra expenses

My program requires ZERO supplements, additional purchases or fees, specific exercises, medical interventions or other therapies, or any ideas not directly referenced here. Essentially, all you need is your will and your brain.


It's time to say "Good-Bye" to Your Chronic Pain

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