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Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) to Cure Your Chronic Pain –

PRT is a revolutionary, non-invasive, neuroscience backed brain training program that is proven to cure chronic pain and other unpleasant chronic symptoms.

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Migraine, Chronic Headache
Back, Neck, Pelvic Pain
Shoulder, Knee, Hip Pain
Post-Surgical Pain
IBS, Stomach, Bladder Pain
TMJ, Orofacial Pain
Nerve and Muscular Pain

Chronic pain wears MANY labels – including Long Covid. But, chronic pain and other unpleasant chronic symptoms (like tinnitus, nausea, dizziness, itchiness, some skin conditions, chronic fatigue) generally overlap the lines between “diagnoses.” Pain and other symptoms exist in multiple areas of your body, symptoms move and change and seem to have a life of their own. As such, pain stories also jump the clearly defined lines of medical specialties, leaving patients unsure where to seek help, and distrustful of the treatment they receive. 

This heartbreaking combo of pain and uncertainty means that – in addition to often debilitating pain – patients suffer profound fear and anxiety, haphazard and desperate treatment protocols, side-effects from treatments that didn’t help, and the loss of serious time and money. Not being able to meaningfully explain their chronic pain – to friends, family, bosses, doctors, insurance companies, or themselves – leaves chronic pain sufferers feeling completely alone, completely hopeless, and even completely crazy. The chronic pain/chronic fear spiral seems unending.

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You Are NOT Crazy, and You are NOT Alone

Chronic pain affects more than 50 million adults in the U.S. and costs the nation up to $635 billion annually. My MindBody Chronic Pain Program puts powerful healing in your hands.

We have failed to solve this pandemic of chronic pain because we didn’t understand it, until now. Recent research and advances in imaging technology have shown us that chronic pain – even very severe pain – is not a problem originating in different parts of your body, but a system wide affliction being controlled by your brain. This is VERY good news, because your brain remains capable of changing throughout your life. 

This emerging science and therapy focuses on rewiring your brain away from the habit of chronic pain. I am one of only a small number of practitioners in the world who has been fully educated on the new science of chronic pain, and also fully trained in delivering the revolutionary Pain Reprocessing Therapy which is PROVEN to stop chronic pain in its tracks. At Cure Your Chronic Pain, I combine this cutting edge neuroscience with proven brain-training and nervous system calming techniques, to get you back to truly living your life – without pain or fear.

Meet Amanda Hanson

Let me help you Defeat your Chronic Pain

At Cure Your Chronic Pain, I’m focused on where you’re going – I BELIEVE in your recovery from chronic pain. But, I also understand where you’ve been, because I was there myself. Your story was my story, too.

My passion to help YOU comes directly from my own lived experience, in defeating years of chronic pain and the anxiety that accompanied it, to regain control, and reclaim the future I once thought I had lost. My deep knowledge in the science of curing chronic pain was borne out of learning to save my own life. Now, I want to save YOUR life, too.

How We Can Work Together

group-solid Groups

Pain Reprocessing Therapy Groups are for anyone struggling with chronic pain or other unpleasant chronic symptoms who wants to learn clinically proven strategies to overcome their symptoms in a supportive and motivational small group environment.


Pain Reprocessing Therapy for Individuals struggling with chronic pain or other unpleasant chronic symptoms is a highly targeted and motivational journey to pain recovery – completely tailored to a client’s personal pain story, lifestyle, and learning style.

Individual for Kids

Children and Teenagers live very stressful lives. As a result, it is very common for them to suffer from chronic pain or other unpleasant chronic symptoms. When kids are in unexplained, potentially stress/emotion-related pain, Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a lifesaver to both parents and their children!

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